Our brands

Hand-prepared, fresh and tasty in a beautiful package

Gouda’s Gilde

Caramel waffles according to the traditional recipe from 1864

The unique Gouda’s Gilde caramel waffles are made in Holland according to a traditional recipe from 1864. The combination of crispy waffles with a lovely soft caramel filling makes these caramel waffles world’s favorite. The selection of unique high quality ingredients gives this caramel waffle a long term freshness. This makes Gouda’s Gilde caramel waffles Ideal for worldwide export.


Kanjers … the caramel waffles loved by all Dutch people!

There are all different kinds of caramel waffles, but there is only one A-brand … Kanjers. When we developed the recipe for this traditional Dutch caramel waffle in 1995, we had one goal: to create an incredible-tasting caramel waffle loved by all Dutch people. And it worked! Ever since we bake several varieties of irresistibly delicious Kanjers.

Buys choco kisses

Since 1920 – the one real choco kisses

Buys choco kisses have been around since 1920, the most eaten choco kisses in the Netherlands. A wafer with delicious ‘foam’ topped with cocoa fantasy. Everyone wants a kiss from Buys!

De lekkerste

The number one brand in individually wrapped waffles, cookies & cakes

The best brand for foodservice in the Netherlands! A total concept of individually wrapped cakes, specially developed for food service customers. De Lekkerste brand is available at almost all petrol stations, company restaurants, leisure outlets, and train stations, and are also widely sold through vending machines. Ideal as snacks in-between and on-the-go.

Our range consists of delicious classics such as caramel waffles and cakes. All daily prepared with love by our bakers. Individually wrapped, so they are always fresh and tasty. This way, the Dutch get to enjoy the best tradition of their country.