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the most delicious waffles, cookies & cakes

Banketgroep is a leading provider of a delicious range of quality products. Every day freshly prepared according to the traditional methods with only the best ingredients.

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We are not exaggerating: Banketgroep really makes worlds’ most delicious caramel waffles and caramel biscuits. Freshly baked every day using the finest ingredients and using different recipes, sizes and packaging. Their delicious taste and the combination of a satisfying crunch together with a soft caramel filling makes Banketgroep the worlds’ Nr. 1. This classic Dutch speciality is exported to more than 40 countries.

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Fresh egg waffles

De Banketgroep makes the best fresh egg waffles and supply them in a variety of formats and packaging. Freshly baked every day using the best ingredients and truly fresh eggs to ensure optimum flavour, freshness and texture.


Chocolate Caramel Waffles

Chocolate caramel waffles are a real treat. Pure indulgence made of a crispy waffle and delicious soft caramel topped with the finest Belgian chocolate.

In 2015, Banketgroep launched a new concept in the three favorite varieties of chocolate: milk, white and dark. A real asset to your assortment and … truly irresistible…

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We believe in organic products and have adapted our caramel waffle and egg waffle bakeries especially for organic production. We prepare fresh organic caramel waffles and egg waffles every day, with organic ingredients only. It is no co-incidence Banketgroep is also the largest supplier of organic caramel waffles and egg waffles. They simply are the best, and we are proud of it!




Banketgroep makes all kinds of cakes. From large to small, cake slices and cake squares. Freshly baked every day and all finger-licking good.

– Hotel/ Loaf cakes

– Small cakes

– Cake slices and cake squares

Seasonal products

Our seasonal products are a real treats for special occasions. We make something special for those moments during the year when your customers want to indulge themselves. Such as filled speculaas (a Dutch spicy pastry tradition) in various forms, butter based puff pastry products with pure almond paste and a lot of other interesting products. Always freshly baked with the best ingredients.

– Sinterklaas

– Christmas

– Easter

– Dutch events

– Other

Butter cakes

Banketgroep makes butter cake the way it is intended. Using the very best butter, traditional recipes and daily freshly baked. Our delicious butter cakes are available in several varieties.

– Butter cake

– Butter cake strips

– Butter cake points and squares

with a healthy margin

Our brands

Our brands Gouda’s Gilde, Kanjers, Buys Choco Kisses and de Lekkerste Koek, will be an asset to your category. Strong brands that are relevant for consumers and add value to your category.